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Northpoint Community Performing Arts Center

Taking from the early styles of American Art Deco, the German Jugendstil, and Futurism, I am proposing a performing arts center and theater in the Northpoint Community of Houston, Tx. The movie Metropolis, a German expressionist film from 1927, serves as the main inspiration for my proposed design. As we reach the dawn of a new industrial revolution, my project hints at the social conversation of man’s relationship with nature. Straight edges and metallic finishes seemlessly bridge these concepts. The performing arts center will provide a place to perform and watch community entertainment, but will also feature classrooms for community learning - dancing, music, and drama. The facility would also house a secondary small theater in a ballroom style which would double as an event venue. Ultimately, it is my hope that in designing this facility, I will bring knowledge to the public of what Art Deco means, not just as a style, but as an architectural movement and how it is still relevant today. 


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